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We guage our worth by the personal and business successes of our clients.  Here is what some of our clients have to say about us.

"David Blue came into our lives in early 2015, following my father’s passing, to navigate us through the maze of organizing my parents’ accounts, preparing their taxes and providing guidance on estate planning. To say he was a ‘life saver’ is not an exaggeration. During our first visit, his inviting, professional manner and expertise quickly won our confidence and we left, feeling immense relief in his competence and assurances that he would handle all we required from him. He was true to his word. Since then, we have had several consultations with him to learn the next steps of moving forward with the estate/finances/investments. Each visit reaffirms that we made a wise choice in bringing our needs to David, who has given us exceptional advice and the accompanying sense of ease that comes with knowing that we are in excellent hands. Thank you, David, for lightening our burden and providing answers and direction when we needed it most. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you."

-Mayne Family, Edmonton

"Blue Ink Accounting has been instrumental in helping my companies out of tight spots with Canada Revenue Agency. In 2003 both of my incorporated companies were still using paper ledgers. Unwillingness to address organizational issues like that resulted in my being 3 years behind with filing and the corporations received audit requests from CRA. I approached Blue Ink to help with the auditing and filing issues and to my relief they succeeded. My three years of late filings were cleared out to CRA's satisfaction and our books were brought up to date. But they went beyond that - they aided my moving to a 100% computerized system, which provided a path out of the hole of late filing. Since hiring Blue Ink to do our books I have never had to endure a corporate reassessment. My line of work results in companies being a focus of GST audits, but each time Blue Ink looked after the issues and I have never had an unfavourable judgement. Not only have they provided for my companies but I entrust all personal tax issues to them, including an estate freeze that was handled with speed and professionalism. CRA requests for information, pre or post assessment, have all been dealt with to my complete satisfaction. For over ten years I've been reassured to know personal and corporate issues have been looked at as a whole package."

-Trent Boake - Peabe Trucking, Edmonton

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