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IMPORTANT - Client - Visitor Parking Locations at Blue Ink Accounting

Posted by Admin Posted on 15 Mar 2016

Dear Clients:


Please note that there has been a change to visitor parking allocations at my office location.


When visiting my office, please ensure that you are parking in the marked “Visitors Parking” or in the parking stalls noted as belonging to “Blue Ink Accounting”. We have to be respectful of our neighbors as they have restricted parking.


The Visitor Parking area, is located immediately as you drive in straight to the building, there are four clearly marked visitor parking stalls for all to use.


There are also two marked “Blue Ink Accounting” parking stalls directly in front of our office and also the first two parking stalls marked “Blue Ink Accounting” located against the fence.


Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated



David N. Blue PBA

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